The Easy Way to Ask For Money and Close the Sale

People ask me all the time, “What is the easiest way to close the sale with a potential client?”

If all other components of the initial assessment were done well, it comes down to one thing…clarity.

In the book Switch, it was put very well. They mentioned “Clarity dissolves resistance.” I have always believed this to be true. If a client has blockage or barriers that prevent them from seeing your point, or they can’t see how working with you will help them accomplish their goal, they will not get started.

So how do we dissolve resistance and create clarity? By asking questions. I have three favorite questions I ask in every sales situation to dissolve resistance and get more sales.

1) Does that make sense?

This is a question I ask every time I am explaining a new concept. This question does a couple things. First, it builds agreement. Second, if it doesn’t make sense, they will tell you.

2) Do you have any questions for me before we get started?

This question presupposes that they are planning on getting started with you. Most people are deathly afraid of asking this question, that is why it works so well! Most people don’t want to be asked questions at the end of a sale, they are afraid they might not know the answer. The truth is clients appreciate this time to ask you questions about what is on their mind. It builds trust with your client and credibility as the expert. Just remember to draw the line regarding what they pay for, and what you cover for free. After all the questioned are answered, say “Great!” And move on to the next question.

3) When would you like to get started?

This is the question that brings everything together. You have made your points clear. Your potential client has a goal, you have shown them how you can help them achieve it, and you have answered any additional questions they may have. The next step is for them to pick a date and for you to have a new client!

Follow these three steps in order and you will get more clients easier than ever before!

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