How to make money your first week as a personal trainer!

How about an easy, non threatening way to get your Personal Training Business off to a great start?!

The last business I opened was training out of my home.  With one grand opening, and only word of mouth marketing, my business has grew to over 100k in less than a year.

Here’s how I got started.

Grand openings are a great idea for any type of business, especially a training business.  Whether you’re training out of your home, outside, in a facility, or in another home, a grand opening is a great opportunity to jump start or refresh your business.  You can have a grand opening, new program launch, private business reception, or whatever you want to call it. You can basically have a get together for any reason.  The reason this idea works so well is because you’re mobilizing a group of people to share the same message once, as opposed to sharing the message several times.

Why it works – You give the people you know an option to help you,  they learn about fitness, they learn about different types of programs, they get to make a decision with no pressure, and they are not being SOLD!  You are not selling,  you are simply building value in each of the potential outcomes (Personal Fitness Goals) to emotionally sway the people to make a decision that will benefit them with your help.

What you need – Presentation prepared (Power Points are great for this), sign up forms,  business cards, promotional materials (bootcamp, group, individual, bulk packages, etc.), people to call, email account, calendar with schedule marked off healthy snacks

What you do – Make a list of everyone you know, get the phone numbers, pick a date and location, pick up the phone, say script, have fun, confirm time and date, and get email to send evite.

Script – “Hey _______________ , it’s __________________, I don’t have a lot of time right now, but I was wondering what you were up to on ( time and day)?  (if nothing) I’m having a grand opening for my new personal training business at __________________________ and I’d love it if you would come out and support me?  Pause and wait for response. (If yes) Great! I’m really looking forward to seeing you and catching up. Btw, what’s your email? I’m going to send you an Evite with more information about it and directions. See you then.”

Have a brief overview of what it is that you are going to cover:

-How people can achieve their fitness, weightloss, toning goals, etc.

-Weights, Cardio, Rest, Calories, etc.

-Training with an individualized program, group training, bootcamps, recipes, and the benefits of each one.  The possibilities are endless.

What it means to your friends and family:

Greet your friends and family when they arrive with a smile, thank them for coming, and make sure they found the place okay.  Introduce them to others and create a friendly vibe. Start promptly and on time, thank them and let them know that you respect their time and you really excited to share your information.

IMPORTANT: Give your presentation covering what you do and how it benefits everyone.  Let them know that you understand that all of their needs are unique and offer free personal training assessments to help you better identify what would best help them achieve their goals.

After the presentation, let them know that if they are interested in scheduling an assessment or having personal training that you are free to sign them up. On a first come first serve basis.

Close with thanking them and that you’ll be in touch and give them your giveaways which could include free training, tools, or support.  For more information,  Subscribe and receive all of our sales and marketing tips.  Please comment and thanks for stopping by.

Questions?  Comments?  Want to add to the list? Get involved below.

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