How to Build Immediate Success and Confidence in Your Clients

You are going to be blown away with this simple tip!  Now with that being said let’s talk about correcting your clients.  So, once again we want to build their confidence with small successes, so if we give them something that is beyond their capability, and we have to make more than two corrections, we need to regress the movement.

No More Than 2 Corrections Per Exercise

We should never have to give them more than two corrections per exercise, if we are giving them more than two correction its time to regress the movement.  Take them to a level of exercise that they can be comfortable completing and then progress them for there.

For instance if your doing a single leg squat and their unable to hip hinge correctly, their knee goes in, their belly goes out, they don’t have the balance.  Were not going to sit and correct, well you balance is off, keep your knee stable, stick your butt back, etc…

Immediate Success and Confidence

We don’t want to be the ones that make them feel bad for doing the movement, we want to progress them based on successes, we don’t want to regress them because they cant accomplish it.  We want them to feel an immediate success.

So just as a quick conclusion, if you have make more than two corrections,  regress the client starting at regressed movement and progress them faster based on successes rather than regressing them due to failures.  If you don’t believe me, try it for yourselves and let me know the results.

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