#1 Buying Signal For Personal Trainers

Your Client is The Salesperson 

Have you ever heard a trainer say that if they can just get people in front of them they can get that person started on a program?  Trainers always want to know how to talk to more people, get more leads, and enhance their marketing.

The thing we need to remember is that it’s not that the trainer is a great sales person, your client is.  Here’s where we get confused.  It would make sense to say that the trainer is a great sales person but that’s not the case.

They Are Already Interested!

This is why: your client was sold on the idea of professional assistance before they ever got together with you.  The biggest buying signal they can give you is meeting with you in in the first place.  Most people realize the importance of health and fitness and have sold themselves on the idea of getting the results they want.  What you offer is hope.  We have all thought about it to some degree in each of four lives.  The way this benefits you as a trainer is a because you know they are already interested in getting results the first place!

If they weren’t interested in the first place they would have never met with you. This is a very exciting thing to recognize before you ever meet with a client.  Just by showing up they are interested in buying training.  Your job at this point is to just share how you as a personal trainer can benefit your clients.  Once they believe in your ability to help them accomplish their goals they will purchase.  People buy results.  The cool thing is that they are there because they think you can help.  The real only concern they have is money and we’ll get to that soon.

Until then be aware that they have said “Yes” before they even showed up!  Just by recognizing this fact, you are one step closer to being one of the top personal trainers in the industry and having a huge impact in the lives of more people that you can imagine.

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